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DNS Tools

Below is a collection of free DNS tools for your conveience, use and education. You must have popup blockers disabled for this page to work. Remember that it is against our Terms of Use & Service to access these tools using automated services unless you have an automated access subscription. Keep in mind that some of these tools may take a few seconds to run and finish loading.

Domain/IP Whois Lookup

Lookup the owner and contact information for a domain name or IP address.


Trace the packet path from our servers to your domain using this traceroute tool.

DNS Lookup

Perform a DNS or reverse-DNS lookup on a hostname or IP address.


Ping a hostname or IP address times milliseconds apart.


Learn all there is to know about a particular IP address.

Country Information

Look up a country TLD and associated IP ranges.

IP / Number Conversion

Enter an IPv4/IPv6 address or equivalent decimal, binary or hexadecimal number to convert between the formats. Prefix hexadecimal numbers with "0x" (0xf93c3bd).

What do we know about you?

Find out what information websites know about you based simply on what your browser tells us, such as OS/browser, location and ISP.

Autonomous System (ASN) Lookup

Enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address or autonomous system number to view information about that system.

IPv4 / IPv6 Calculators

CIDR / Netmask Calculator

Select an IP version then enter a CIDR notation, or enter an IP address and adjust the bitmask, netmask or hosts values, to determine a CIDR block and IP range.

IP Address and Version

Number of Hosts/Addresses

Start Address
End Address
CIDR Block

Range-to-CIDR Calculator

Enter an IPv4 or IPv6 start and end addresses to determine the CIDR block(s) that contain them.

Start IP Address

End IP Address

CIDR Block(s) SSL